Module 16: Innovations, Automation & AI in Digital Marketing
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Innovations, Automation & AI in Digital Marketing

"Revolutionize your Digital Marketing Strategy with Cutting-Edge Innovations, Automation, and AI - Elevate Your Skills with Module 12."

Instructor: Lokman SinghLanguage: English & Hindi

About the course


In this module on digital marketing, you will learn about the latest innovations, automation, and artificial intelligence technologies used in the industry. We will cover everything from chatbots to programmatic advertising, and how to leverage these tools to enhance your digital marketing campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of innovations, automation, and AI in digital marketing
  • Creating chatbots for customer engagement
  • Using programmatic advertising for better targeting
  • Measuring ROI with data analytics
  • Leveraging AI for personalized content creation

What you will learn:

  • Chatbot Development:
    Learn how to create custom chatbots for customer engagement and lead generation.
  • Programmatic Advertising:
    Discover how programmatic advertising works and how to implement it for better targeting and ROI.
  • Data Analytics:
    Learn how to use data analytics to measure campaign success and optimize future campaigns.
  • AI Content Creation:
    Discover how to leverage AI to create personalized and engaging content for your target audience.


What you’ll learn

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