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Digital Marketing - Ecosystem Designing and Planning

Digital Marketing - Ecosystem Designing and Planning: Building and Scaling your Online Presence. Become a Digital Marketing Expert and Master Designing and Planning a Successful Marketing Ecosystem.

Instructor: Lokman SinghLanguage: English & Hindi

About the course


Learn how to design and plan a comprehensive digital marketing strategy from scratch with this course. Understand the different components of the digital marketing ecosystem and how to tailor a plan that fits your business needs.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the importance of digital marketing strategy development
  • Learn about the different digital marketing channels and tactics
  • Discover how to conduct a digital marketing audit and analysis
  • Develop a customized digital marketing plan for your business

What you will learn:

  • Ecosystem Designing:
    Learn how to design a digital marketing ecosystem by understanding the different channels, tactics and tools that can be utilized depending on your business needs.
  • Strategy Planning:
    Learn how to strategically plan and execute digital marketing campaigns by defining goals, targeting audience and identifying key metrics.
  • Analytics and Optimization:
    Discover how to analyze and optimize your digital marketing campaigns by leveraging key performance indicators and continuous testing and improvement.
  • Marketing Technology:
    Learn about the different marketing technology tools that can help you optimize and automate your digital marketing campaigns.


What you’ll learn

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